TALTIO track

At 9.00-10.30 in room G-111: TALTIO Foundations
Chairs: Elina Koskentalo (Tieke, XBRL Finland); Pirjo Ilola (Federation of Finnish Financial Services)

Digitalization and artificial intelligence require harmonized data contents to facilitate machine learning. The foundations of TALTIO innovations rely on standards; the TALTIO standard (XBRL GL), eReceipt and eInvoice to name a few.

This session will introduce the TALTIO standard and help the audience understand in which format, for example, invoices, e-receipts and account statements can be entered into financial management systems without manual data entry.

At 11.00-12.30 in room G-111: TALTIO Integration and data warehouse
Chairs: Pirkka Frosti (Digital living); Fredrik Jansson (Tieto)

In this session, we are going to share a view on how financial data is an enabler for new digital ecosystems through Taltio-based integration and data-storage.

At 13.30-15.00 in room G-111: TALTIO applications
Chair: Markku Örn (Association of Finnish Accounting Firms)

This session explains how TALTIO can be used in various parts of the financial value chain to improve transaction processing and make the associated processes more efficient. The session will focus on application areas and present the current state of the demos and applications that are currently being developed based on the TALTIO format. Each demo pitch will briefly introduce the underlying idea in the demo and then present and run the actual demo. The following demos will be presented:

Taksi Helsinki demo – developing a platform service for receipts. Joel Ojala, eTasku Solutions Oy; Lauri Suokannas, Taksi Helsinki

eInvoice address and Blockchain technology. Jouko Salonen, Nordledger Oy

eReceipt from cash register through eInvoice infrastructure to accounting system without manual operations. Pekka Raerinne, Numware, Devinder Sing Sekho Brothers Oy; Fredrik Jansson Tieto Finland Oy; Peter Aho, Administer Oy

Video and presentation will cover following points: Engage your customer with eReceipt, Get your customers with eReceipt, Know your customer with eReceipt, Serve your customers with eReceipt, Create new services with  eReceipt, Create added value with eReceipt, Create a feedback channel with eReceipt.