Real-Time Accounting 2016

This track discusses the latest developments in real-time accounting. The track is organized into three roundtables: XBRL Finland update, Nordic XBRL Update, and TALTIO workshop (XBRL GL).

XBRL Finland update, Elina Koskentalo, XBRL Finland.

Finland is taking its first steps in moving towards standard business reporting. A new common filing portal has recently been opened and insights will be provided by the Finnish Tax Administration and Patent and Registration Office. A session also includes a live demonstration of automated business reporting.

Speakers: Elina Koskentalo, XBRL Finland; Sakari Kauppinen, Patent and Registration Office; Minna Rintala / Tarja Rautio, Finnish Tax Administration; Mikko Kalliovaara, Fennoa.

Nordic XBRL update, Elina Koskentalo, XBRL Finland.

The Nordic countries all gradually moving towards structural electronic business reporting. Updates covered by Sweden, Denmark and Estonia.

Speakers: Poul Kjaer, XBRL Denmark; Björn Rydberg, XBRL Sweden; Margus Tammeraja, Association of Estonian Accountants

TALTIO workshop (XBRL GL), Vuokko Mäkinen, Association of Finnish Accounting Firms.

Standardizing the transactional data is the next step on the road to automated accounting. The new TALTIO venture aims to spread the usage of this standard across the nation as well as defining an entirely new ecosystem and infrastructure for enterprise software based on standardized interfaces and data warehouses.

Speakers: Vuokko Mäkinen, Association of Finnish Accounting Firms; Elina Koskentalo, XBRL Finland