Real-Time Accounting 2015

The Real-Time Accounting track presents the RTE innovations related to automated accounting and banking sector innovations as well as the deliverables of the mobile financial services program.

Track Chair: Bo Harald, Why Advisory.
Speakers: Vuokko Mäkinen, Association of Finnish Accounting Firms; Bo Harald, Why-Advisory; Tapani Turunen, Tieto; Erkki Poutiainen, Nordea; Sami Uski, Tieto; Antti Seppälä, Tieto.

The sessions of the track include:

Real-Time Accounting – Chair: Vuokko Mäkkinen, Association of Finnish Accounting Firms; Co-Chair: Tapani Turunen, Tieto

This roundtable session paints the picture of future real-time accounting. Keywords for the roundtable are structured data and data warehouses. The session will introduce an innovative way of seeing the core of accounting as an ecosystem consisting of data warehouse and dedicated apps for each accounting purpose such as financial reporting, payroll reporting, invoicing, or internal reporting. One focus area is the automated and harmonized VAT reporting in the EU. This session will pave the way for the interested audience to the Transactional Reporting (TALTIO/XBRL GL) roundtable, which will be discussed during the roundtable 2, in the XBRL track.

Banking Sector Innovations – Chair: Bo Harald, Why-Advisory; Co-Chair: Erkki Poutiainen, Nordea

The Real-Time Economy environment presents a wealth of opportunities for innovations in services for payments, automated reconciliation, e-accounting, VAT-reporting, invoice financing e-banking, mobile banking, cash management, trade finance and risk mitigation services. Earliest possible awareness of visionary development work in these areas and how new infrastructures and ecosystems are acting as low-investment enablers is needed to stay competitive in the strongly growing SME-sector.

Mobile Financial Services – Chair: Sami Uski, Tieto; Co-Chair: Antti Seppälä, Tieto

Mobile Financial Services focus on leveraging mobility and mobile innovations for financial services. Aim is to find mobile solutions for pro-active banking, enabling easy mobile payments, building bank’s app-store on top of open banking API and utilize data fusion within bank’s ecosystem for intelligent, more personal banking experience. Initially focus was on retail banking and then bringing the concepts and new consumer technology for growing SME-sector needs.