Program 2015


The Thursday afternoon main stage event takes a look at the past, present and future of the Real-Time Economy program. We will also briefly introduce the roundtable themes.

The Friday roundtable sessions are organized into three tracks. The first one, New Age of Financial Reporting focuses on innovations around the XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language)-based financial reporting. The second roundtable track, Public Sector Services, is all about the infrastructure developments around the national service architecture (palveluväylä), e-id, and income register (tulorekisteri). The third track, Real-Time Accounting, focuses on the opportunities of RTE innovations for accountants and banking professionals.

The latest version of the program in PDF-format can be downloaded here.

Thursday 9.4.2015

10.00-12.00 Pre-conference hands-on tutorial on XBRL, Eric E. Cohen (PwC). Slides can be downloaded here.
13.00-16.00 RTE ideology and innovations from 2007 to present. Introduction to the conference themes and roundtables.

16.00-18.00 Cocktail event.

Friday 10.4.2015

9.00-10.30 Parallel roundtables 1

Standard Business Reporting/XBRL – Chair: Elina Koskentalo, XBRL Finland; Co-chair: Esko Penttinen, XBRL Finland. Slides: Frans Hietbrink.
National Service Infrastructure – Chair: Pauli Kartano, Ministry of Finance. Slides: Pauli Kartano.
Real-Time Accounting – Chair: Vuokko Mäkkinen, Association of Finnish Accounting Firms; Co-Chair: Tapani Turunen, Tieto. Slides: Tapani Turunen.

11.00-12.30 Parallel roundtables 2

Transactional Reporting (TALTIO/XBRL GL) – Chair: Elina Koskentalo, XBRL Finland; Co-chair: Vuokko Mäkkinen, Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. Slides: Eric Cohen, Lars Berglof.
E-ID – Chair: Olli-Pekka Rissanen, Ministry of Finance; Co-Chair: Pekka Laaksonen, Federation of Finnish Financial Services. Slides: Pekka Laaksonen.
Banking Sector Innovations – Chair: Bo Harald, Why-Advisory; Co-Chair: Erkki Poutiainen, Nordea. Slides: Erkki Poutiainen.

12.30-13.30 Lunch.

13.30-15.00 Parallel roundtables 3.

COREP/FINREP/DPM – Chair: Elina Salminen, Federation of Finnish Financial Services. Slides: Elina Salminen, Michal Piechocki, Anne Leslie-Bini 1 & 2
Income Register – Chair: Arto Leinonen, Finnish Tax Office; Co-Chair: Mirjami Laitinen, Sitra. Slides: Arto Leinonen.
Mobile Financial Services – Chair: Sami Uski, Tieto; Co-Chair: Antti Seppälä, Tieto. Slides: Antti Seppälä & Sami Uski.

15.00-16.00 Closing and action points.