Financial value chain track

At 9.00-10.30 in room G-112: Artificial intelligence and machine learning in financial value chain

Chair: Aleksandre Asatiani (Aalto University)

In last couple of years artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been changing the way organizations view knowledge work. These technologies show a great promise in automating high-volume, highly transactional processes. In this session we will discuss the latest advances in AI and machine learning, and look at the cases of successful deployment of these technologies in financial value chain.


Eija Mikkonen, Palkeet

Jaakko Lehtinen, OpusCapita

Tomi Torri, Eera

At 11.00-12.30 in room G-112: Electronic financial statements – XBRL Finland update

Chair: Elina Koskentalo (Tieke, XBRL Finland)

This session will present the recent developments in XBRL use in Finland. You will learn what is the current state of standard business reporting (SBR)-based XBRL reporting. The session will also cover SBR taxonomy extension to include municipality reporting, housing companies, foundations and associations, new reporting domains such as housing manager’s certificate (isännöitsijätodistus in Finnish), energy certificate (energiatodistus in Finnish).

XBRL adoption in Finland. Elina Koskentalo, XBRL Finland

Filing the Financial Statements and Tax Declarations in structured form – where are we with “Tilinpäätös 2.0”. Antti Riivari, Finnish Patent and Registration Office; Minna Rintala, Finnish Tax Administration

Demo on XBRL – use of XBRL in accounting information systems and reporting annual accounts. Mikko Kalliovaara, Fennoa

At 13.30-15.00 in room G-112: Financial value chain: Recent research update

Chair: Esko Penttinen (Aalto University)

In this session, we present the latest research results published by the researchers of the Real-Time Economy Competence Center.

Paper 1: Dynamic Nature of Motivations of Business Process Outsourcing Decision – a Configuration Analysis of Accounting Outsourcing. Aleksandre Asatiani, Ashish Kumar, Esko Penttinen, Aalto University School of Business

Paper 2: Heavyweight and lightweight process automation – How should companies choose between RPA and back-end automation? Henje Kasslin, Aalto University School of Business

Paper 3: Impact of IT/IS discontinuance on individuals. Tapani Rinta-Kahila, Aalto University School of Business