Infrastructure and automation

This track discusses the latest developments in infrastructure and automation. The track is organized into three roundtables: e-receipt roundtable, interconnecting ecosystems, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


E-receipt roundtable, Pirjo Ilola, Federation of Finnish Financial Services.

This roundtable will make an overview what we have done in Finland so far in terms of e-receipts. The experts in the roundtable will discuss market demand, what we really need fast (accounting, seller, users)? The roundtable will also address the need for standards: e-invoice and customer identification and address to the e-receipt archive.

Speakers: Pirjo Ilola, Federation of Finnish Financial Services; TBA.


Interconnecting ecosystems, Bo Harald, Why Advisory.

Creating linked ecosystems around Real Time Assets by utilizing the national central securities depository’s book-entry system. How to build consumer centric future web solutions in a shared ecosystem. Surviving the disruption. New era of banking in digital ecosystems. From closed ecosystems to open world of business. Financial ecosystems on automated trust. Revolution in automated corporate finance with digitalised ownership rights.

Speakers: Bo Harald, Why Advisory; Pirkka Frosti, Digital Living; Heikki Ylipekkala Euroclear Finland.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Petri Karjalainen and Jaakko Lehtinen, OpusCapita.

Automation of knowledge work today – software robotics and machine learning.

Automation of knowledge work is one of the megatrends shaping our society. Artificial intelligence has been in the headlines for years and we are still waiting for it to break through. Software robotics and machine learning, on the other hand, are already today available for companies. In this roundtable, we go through examples how OpusCapita has benefitted from these new technologies in improving the company’s own processes.

Speakers: Petri Karjalainen, OpusCapita; Jaakko Lehtinen, OpusCapita.