aleksandre asatiani

Aleksandre Asatiani is a post-doctoral researcher at the department of Information and Service Economy at Aalto University School of Business. Aleksandre is also a research coordinator at the Real-Time Economy Competence Centre at Aalto University and an independent consultant advising EU funded industry projects geared towards development of innovative internet-based services. Aleksandre holds a PhD in information systems science from Aalto University School of Business. His research focuses on adoption and use of cloud computing, business process outsourcing,  automation, virtual work environments and technology-based innovation.


Eric E. Cohen has held a fascination for the power of technology, and especially the Internet and related technologies to help businesses, their accountants and auditors, and loves to share his learning with others. Hoping to help businesses of all sizes to cope with, and benefit from, the information age, he has written numerous books and hundreds of articles on integrating accounting software and exploiting the Internet. He has enjoyed long-standing collaboration with the academic community, focusing on research in continuous monitoring, reporting and audit, data level assurance, and security and authentication for the audit trail. Mr. Cohen is one of the forefathers of XBRL and the originating chief architect of XBRL’s Global Ledger. In that role, he has also worked with other national and global efforts for accounting and audit data standardization, serving as one of the United Nation’s domain coordinators for accounting and audit standardization, and serving on the ISO’s Audit Data Collection (ISO/PC 295) Expert Working Group as well as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Audit Data Standards working group.

Pirkka Frosti

Pirkka Frosti is the Founder and CEO of Digital Living International Ltd – a Real Time Economy platform company currently enabling the use of automated trust and Real Time Assets and Liabilities in any web application. Pirkka is currently waving the banner on the barricades of the Finnish housing co. asset and SME funding digitalisation, national scale private sector knowledge infrastructure building and making sure on his part that the national TALTIO – project delivers the world premier in automated accounting.

Gianluca Garbellotto is an expert in business data semantics and standardization, and a pioneer of the Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), the XML-based computer language that is rapidly being adopted by governments worldwide for business reporting. He is a globally acknowledged expert on the business and technical aspects of XBRL and the XBRL Global Ledger Framework (XBRL GL), and has extensive experience in their implementation in the Government and the private sector. With a leading expertise on Standard Business Reporting (SBR), the XBRL-based regulatory model that focuses on the reduction of compliance burden for businesses, and on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Gianluca is a key contributor to several of the existing SBR government programs and IFRS jurisdictional implementations around the world.

Bo Harald

Bo Harald acts as an independent advisor to several infrastructure projects in the financial administration area and as board member e-business enterprises. The present focus is on the public-private corporation needed to take infrastructures to new levels of functionality and interconnectivity needed in the networked economy and the Single EU Market. His background is in retail and electronic banking and IT-services. Earlier focus areas have been e-banking, e-invoicing, e-id services and mobile services. In 2006 he was leading the founding of the Real-Time Economy program, which aims at digitalising and automating a wide range of financial transactions. This enables both very large cost savings in enterprises and real time completion of e-commerce and administrative processes. Bo has among other tasks acted as chairman for the Mobey Forum in 2000-5 and the EC Expert Group on e-invoicing in 2008-10.

Pirjo Ilola

Pirjo Ilola is Head of Payments Standardisation and E-invoicing at Federation of Finnish Financial Services. Ms. Ilola is playing an essential role in the development of electronic invoicing known as Finvoice in Finland. Ms. Ilola is Finnish representative in the European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on e-Invoicing and member in Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB) Working Group on e-invoicing solutions related to retail payments. Ms. Ilola has wide experience about national and international payment standards and a long working history in the payments area, cash management and development of corporate customer payment service system.

Fredrik Jansson

Fredrik Jansson is Tieto’s leading expert on Real-Time Economy and also has a solid experience from building public sector digital services. In Tieto Fredrik acts as a program manager for Real-Time Economy related topics and projects. Fredrik is also a member of the steering group and an advisor for the joint effort to implement Real-Time Economy in Finland and Estonia by the Finnish and Estonian technology association’s.

Jaakko Lehtinen is heading OpusCapita’s Robotic Process Automation organization, which provides automation services and consulting. Jaakko has more than 10 years of experience in various outsourcing, service delivery development, operations management, product development, technology development and process improvement roles in OpusCapita. Jaakko is a technology enthusiast and follows up closely how machine learning, natural language user interfaces and artificial intelligence will affect knowledge work.

Elina Koskentalo

Elina Koskentalo is an adviser at the Finnish Information Society Development Centre specializing in standardization of electronic data interchange and business processes. Since 2011 she has also worked as a project manager and a taxonomy developer in the XBRL Finland consortium.

Eija Mikkonen is a Development Manager at the Finnish Government Services Centre for Finance and HR. Eija has more than 20 years experience in information technology, in different roles. Now she is leading RPA implementation project, which is part of government’s digitalization program.

Vuokko Mäkinen

Vuokko Mäkinen is chairman of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. She has accumulated over 40 years experience in electronic accounting systems, in different roles. Recently, she has worked as expert in the Real-Time Economy development program since 2009 and member of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms since 2007.

Joel Ojala

Joel Ojala is Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Owner in eTasku Solutions & ReceiptHero. Joel and his team has developed a platform for digital receipts that helps companies, entrepreneurs and consumers. In the past three years Joel and his team has accelerated the change to a point where the accounting is made completely automatically.  Digitalization of receipts is just one example.

Esko Penttinen

Esko Penttinen is Professor of Practice at Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki. He holds a Ph.D. in information systems science and a M.Sc. in economics from the Aalto University. Esko leads the Real-Time Economy Competence Center at Aalto University and is the chairman of XBRL Finland. Esko has published over 30 research papers in academic journals and international conference proceedings. His main research interests include adoption and economic implications of inter-organizational information systems, focusing on application areas such as electronic financial systems, government reporting, and electronic invoicing.

Antti Riivari is the Director General of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The Office covers functions ranging from those of the Industrial Property Office of Finland to administering the Finnish Trade Register and being responsible for the Oversight of Statutory Auditors. The current RTE-related challenge is to enable the filing of the annual financial statements in structured form in the Trade Register. Antti has done a 25-year career as a civil servant working for the Ministry Trade and Industry, the Foreign Ministry as well as for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. His areas of expertise include EU Policy and various fields of Business law.

Minna Rintala

Minna Rintala is a senior adviser and process owner of data flow management process at the Finnish Tax Administration. Minna has about 15 years experience in developing electronic data flows. Currently she is working to enable more automated process chain in the reporting of financial management data.

Tomi Torri is a partner at Eera and he is heading Eera’s Knowledge Work Automation practice. Eera is a pioneering company in disruptive opportunities that serves businesses and public sector to gain benefits by applying Robotic Process Automation. Tomi has 20 years of experience in leadership positions in five countries in ICT, digital and media industries. As a consultant Tomi has worked in Real-Time Economy projects since 2013 and has supported adoption of RPA with tens of Finnish customers.

Markku Örn is a Program Manager for TALTIO program. He is responsible for the implementation, management, supervision and evaluation of all organizations and ecosystems in TALTIO Program. Markku has decades of experience in ITC sales, offshore operations, outsourcing, purchasing and banking and finance. Recently Markku has been involved in digital business model development.